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Nora Wright

So proud of you end of term personalised giant gift delivery tag

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This magical tag is perfect for your little ones last day of term to attach to a gift to show them how well they have done this year and how proud you are, personalised with 2 subjects or activities they've improved in, their name and your name 

please add the 2 subjects, name and your name to the personalisation box eg. Sophia, maths, ballet, from mummy and daddy

each one is printed 300gsm paper and mesaures approx 20x 13 cm and features a gold eyelet, gold embossed seal and navy tassel

please note the gift is not provided.

As each card is painted digitally from scratch by myself, if there is something bespoke or any little additions you would like just drop me a message and I would be happy to help, Nora xo