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Nora Wright

Bespoke Digital Invitation - created just for your event & perfect for WhatsApp - custom design

Bespoke Digital Invitation - created just for your event & perfect for WhatsApp - custom design

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Are you planning a special event and looking for the perfect invitation to set the tone? Well, look no further! I have the ideal solution for you - bespoke digital invitations designed exclusively for your occasion.

No matter what event you're celebrating, be it a bridal shower, a joyous birthday party, a fabulous hen party, an elegant dinner soiree, a baby shower, a naming ceremony, or a christening, Each invitation is created just for you in my little studio to perfectly capture the essence of your theme.

Ordering your unique invitation is So simple.  Provide the following details, and I’ll work my magic to create an invitation that will leave your guests excited and anticipating your event.

Please add the following information in the image box (if you don’t want to upload a photo upload a blank one and then add the appropriate information to the text box) :

1. Name: Let me know the name of the guest of honor or any other title information you'd like to include.

2. Age (if applicable):  For  birthdays invitations iI’ll  add their age to make it extra special!

3. Date of Event: Tell us the date when all the fun will happen.

4.  Time: So your guests won't be fashionably late. ( tip: have the start time 15 mins before if it’s a surprise or you have something important at the beginning of the event! 

5.  Place: Share the location of your event, and we'll make sure nobody gets lost, include any parking or specific venue details. 

6. RSVP Details: Include any RSVP information you would like included : a dress code, phone number, dietry requirements, date to reply by & a event website if you have one. 

7. Theme: Describe your theme & I’ll make sure the invite captures it perfectly 

8. Preferred Colors:  Let me know the colours you would like included 

9. A Photo (if applicable): If you want to add a personal touch, share a photo of the guest of honour and I can paint them in any outfit you would like. 

10. Any Other Details: Feel free to provide any additional information or requests so I can make your invite perfect.

11. Mood Board: If you have a mood board, send it my way! It will help us get a better sense of your vision.

With all these details, I promise to create an invitation that perfectly captures your special occasion!

** please make sure to include your email. Your invitation will be emailed to you within 5 working days in pdf  & jpeg format. You may request 1 round of small changes. **

please note no physical product will be sent 


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